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Take the first step to understand your life gap

What if we are working towards our goals and ignoring the determining factor of success? What if the way we formulated our plans was why we were locked out of achievement? Goals are not achieved only by effort and grit but by the intimacy of relationships. Goals are achieved when we close the intimacy gap with those we love and serve. If we don't take the time to clarify our intimacy gap, in most cases, we will spend our days in useless pursuits and failed goals.


1. Take the short Gap Assessment 

Spend less than 12 minutes understanding your life gaps, Calling, and get an FREE Assessment Report immediately.

Take the FREE Gap Assessment

2. Review Your Gap Assessment Summary

You'll receive a GapCafe Relationship HealthScore breakdown in 

seconds of completing your assessment.

3. The Gap Assessment is customized for you

Your Gap Assessment summary will identify your life gaps.  You'll receive ways to improve and maintain your relationship HealthScore.

Take the FREE Gap Assessment

The truth is that everyone has a life gap

Most people ignore their life gap until it is too late.  They are ignoring because they think that they have time. They ignore life gaps because they don't have a way to clearly assess, get improvement recommendations and solve.

The world is complex and unless you focus on relationship intimacy, success will be impossible to achieve. 

Take the FREE Gap Assessment