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Join Us At The Next
GapCafé Event
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GapCafé Wisdom Forum

INFLUENCE: Thriving in Business Environments

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Milk River Restaurant

GapCafé Forum Highlights

The Journey of Success

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The theme for this GapCafé forum was the Journey of Success. The journey to success is a process of learning, growing, developing, and maturing that we all must go through in order to reach that place of success for which we all strive in our personal lives and careers. This process can be challenging and hard at times. It is filled with hardship, trials, uncertainty that can lead one to doubt oneself and give up. It is a process in which many give up and quit after the fight got tough. Only the few who are determined to fight on and persevere reach that place of success that they so desired in their hearts to obtain. It is said that success is not a destination, but a journey. Our host, Kate Shin, and guest speaker, Wayne Brotherton, talked about their journey to success and how God was faithful to them in their journey to success.

Kate Shin founded The Waterfall Mansion in 2008 when she bought the building that hosted this GapCafé forum. She turned this building into an art gallery and community place where artists from around the world can showcase their art. She said that art is a gateway to opening people's hearts and emotions for God to minister to them. She talked a lot about God's faithfulness to her and how He was there with her during her journey. He has given her much grace and favor over the years. She worked since 2008 to build this place to where it is today. Looking into the future that God has in store for her, she has partnered with the United Nations. With this partnership, she has plans to host events in 2016 that will discuss issues and challenges with which women are dealing in this world. She expects Hillary Clinton to be the keynote speaker at one of these events.

Wayne Brotherton told an inspiring story of his journey to success. He started studying and practicing music when he was in the fifth grade, which was encouraged by his father. He started out playing the drums and took lessons from a high school band leader. He played on the high school band while he was in the fifth grade. In junior high school and high school, he continued to play and practice music. He went from playing the drums to playing keyboard instruments. He was accepted into the Manhattan School of Music where he studied and practiced under the greatest musicians in his day. Upon graduation, he became a professor at this school and taught rhythm to freshmen classes. He played music professionally and traveled all around the world. Later in his life, he took the Series 7 test and passed it. He was then hired to work for a major financial firm where he eventually became manager of his own district. But too much of his time was taken from this family and his devotion to God by this company. So he left the firm and started his own small financial business in which he netted close to seven figures. He had a wealthy uncle named Fred J. Brotherthol whom he convinced to start a foundation called the Fred J. Brotherthol Foundation as an avenue to give his money away to those in need. He was adviser to his uncle until he died. Upon his uncle's death, he and his cousin both became co-trustees of this foundation. He is married with a grown daughter who is also married with a daughter of her own.

Charles Harewood gave the benediction of the meeting. He said when you have a call in your life, you begin to walk and then something comes and knocks you on your back. In response, you begin to fight what would be a losing battle. Then you come to the end of yourself and God takes over and shows you how to win and overcome. He said this meeting is the culmination of this total surrender to God and confirmation for him to press forward with GapCafé. He left us with these final words: "Even if we don't have a sponsor, God is always our sponsor. Continue to work for Him. When you start something or get it to go, it is hard. I read a book called “Integrity” by Henry Cloud. What I got from this book is that integrity is the full armor of God. As you go through the journey of life, think about your character. Ask yourself if you are bringing glory to God in your relationships (spiritual, personal, family, work and service). This is what matters most. When you reach your destiny and go to the grave, what matters most are your relationships with God and the people around you. Build the integrity of God into your character and He will bring you though challenges that will bring Him glory."