What Am I Living For

If you don't know the purpose of a thing, abuse is inevitable. - Myles Munroe

There's an old adage that says, If you don't stand for anything, you'll fall for everything. Are you standing for something? In Daniel Southern's Leadership Plan he states that there are only three BIG decisions we have to make in life:

  1. Who we will live our lives with
  2. What we will live our lives in: Fear or Faith
  3. What we will live our lives for

Since life is a journey, Who we are going to live our lives with will determine our longitude and latitude of achievement and character. People of similar interests and tastes hang out together; "Birds of a feather flock together."

What we live our lives in relates to our values and whether we will live in Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) or in Faith (Factual Accounts in True Humility). Do you start that business? Or, do you remain in a safe zone and avoid the possibility of failure.

Lastly, What we are going to live our lives for? Our lives should be planned, purposeful and balanced; a mixture of mapped paths and serendipitous opportunities. What's interesting about life is that you can either lead a purposeful life or not, but one way or another it will be purposed. You can either consciously choose your life's path, or you can let culture and circumstance decide for you. The journey of life is best lived when we are fully engaged in realizing our purposeful goals and dreams, and we remain open to unexpected opportunities.

So, what are you living for?